Statement of H. E. Mr. Toshiro Ozawa
Ambassador of Japan
At the Formal Session of the Fifth Committee

28 April 2006

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation extends our sincere gratitude to you, for your guidance in the deliberation of this Committee during the previous weeks.

On the scale of assessments, my delegation wishes to extend our high tribute to the coordinator of this agenda item for his professional objectiveness, genuine sincerity and tireless efforts to guide our discussions on this important agenda item.

Mr. Chairman,

It is deeply regrettable that the Member States have failed to adopt a resolution on the scale of assessments which was intended to provide the necessary guidance to the Committee on Contributions.

The draft resolution we have worked on for many weeks is one of a procedural nature. In the past years, similar resolutions have been adopted by consensus. There are two precedents, the General Assembly resolutions 51/212B and 54/237D, where Member States discussed and adopted such resolutions notwithstanding the fact that Member States were not necessarily in agreement with regard to the methodology to be used for the next scale period. On these two occasions, the Fifth Committee, fully recognizing the importance of the issue and the need to provide clear guidance to the Committee on Contributions, decided to send all proposals submitted to the Fifth Committee to the Committee on Contributions without prejudice to the decision of the General Assembly on the scale of assessments for the next scale period, with the understanding that Member States would be engaging in full-fledged negotiations in the autumn with a view to agreeing on a single set of elements as the methodology to be employed in the next scale period. The two previous General Assembly resolutions 51/212/B and 54/237D embodied this wisdom, and had thus become well-established precedents.

Therefore, it is unreasonable that the aversion of a few Member States to acknowledge such precedents have prevented us from adopting a resolution which would have served the wider interests of the entire membership of this Organization. The failure to adopt such a resolution will be a loss for all Member States, since we would not know how the Committee on Contributions would be deliberating this important issue without giving them a clear guidance from the General Assembly. By neglecting well-founded practices and depriving the Committee on Contributions of guidance that it deserves, those few Member States should be held responsible for seriously undermining our established system to decide the next scale of assessments.

Mr. Chairman,

Japan is of the view that the Fifth Committee should continue to make efforts to save the negotiation process from this unprecedented situation and return the process on the right track for the sake of the interest of the entire membership. My delegation wishes to reiterate our readiness to continue our deliberations on this important subject. Japan, based upon its proposal that has been presented to the Fifth Committee, intends to continue to take part in the negotiations actively and constructively in order to agree on a scale of assessment structure that is more equitable and fair.

Thank you.

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