APEC’s Efforts to Support Women’s Social and Economic Advancement and Small and Medium Enterprises

September 13, 2010


  1. As this year’s host of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Japan will host a series of meetings between September and November of 2010 related to the support of women’s social and economic advancement and support for the small and medium enterprise sector.

  2. This year’s APEC is focusing on the formulation of the Asia-Pacific Growth Strategy, which includes as one of its core elements the concept of Inclusive Growth.   Inclusive Growth creates opportunities for everyone to enjoy the benefits of economic growth by revitalizing the economic activities of all sectors of society.  One of the strategies to bring this concept to fruition is to support the social and economic advancement of women and to provide more support to the small and medium enterprises which form the foundation of the Asia-Pacific regional economy.

  3. APEC Japan 2010 aims to create opportunities for in-depth discussions on the importance of supporting the social and economic advancement of women and efforts to support small and medium enterprises.  Information on policies designed to create a link between these two economic elements will also be disseminated.  As a country that directly benefits from the economic vitality generated by the Asia-Pacific Region as a center of world growth, Japan aims to send a consistent message on the importance of creating a regional environment in which women can thrive in the small and medium enterprise sector.

  4. Starting with the Women Leaders Network (WLN) meeting in September, the meetings focusing on the social and economic advancement of women and on small and medium enterprises will share a common agenda and a consistent recognition of the challenges at hand as they work to realize the goals of the APEC Growth Strategy.  As mentioned in the March 29, 2010 Japan-U.S. joint press statement released by Foreign Minister Okada and Secretary of State Clinton, both ministers will release video messages at the APEC Woman’s Entrepreneurship Summit on October 1.

[Reference 1]  Japan-U.S. Cooperation on APEC Press Statement (excerpt)
(March 29, released after the Japan-U.S. Foreign Minister’s meeting)
We will organize a Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit to address policy, human resources and financing issues, thereby galvanizing the Asia-Pacific region to unleash the potential of women as entrepreneurs and business leaders.

[Reference 2]  Schedule for Women’s Social and Economic Advancement and Small and Medium Enterprise related Meetings
September 19-21  APEC Women Leaders Network Meeting (Tokyo)
September 23       APEC Gender Focal Point Network Meeting (Saitama)
October 1            Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit (Gifu)
October 2-3         APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Ministerial Meeting (Gifu)
November 11        APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Summit (Yokohama)


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