Talks between Mr. Taro Aso, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Luis Amado, Minister of State and Foreign Affairs of Portugal

February 13, 2007

On 7 February, Mr. Taro Aso, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, met with Mr. Luis Amado, Minister of State and Foreign Affairs of Portugal, at Iikura House for two hours from 18:30. They signed a memorandum on political consultations, and held foreign-ministerial talks followed by a working dinner.

  1. After welcoming Mr. Amado's visit to Japan, Mr. Aso told him that "Portugal is a partner that shares basic values, and we would like to further promote bilateral relations and expand a dialogue and cooperation between Japan and the EU with Portugal who will hold the EU's presidency later this year." Mr. Amado, in response, said, "taking into account the long-term amicable relations between the two countries and also taking the opportunity of this visit, we would like to continue high-level dialogues as well as expand economic relations with Japan."
  2. Mr. Aso also explained that development in China offers a good opportunity and relations between Japan and China has been improving under the Abe Administration. Mr. Amado said, "China is now an important trade partner for the EU, and it is important to prepare an appropriate framework in the future." Both agreed to continue paying attention to the situation in China.
  3. Mr. Amado explained that Portugal, together with Germany and Slovenia as a Troika, drew up an 18-month task plan and stated that "although the EU plays an increasingly important role in the international community, it is getting more and more difficult to reach a consensus as the EU expands its membership." Moreover, Mr. Amado said that Portugal, like Japan, attaches importance to its relations with the US and it is crucial to maintain friendly relations between European countries and the US in tackling various international issues.
  4. On NATO, both Ministers agreed on the importance of its global role, including development in Afghanistan, and on Timor-Leste, both Ministers shared the importance of support for the smooth implementation of the upcoming presidential election. On assistance to Africa, Mr. Amado explained that the EU will hold an EU-Africa Summit Meeting in November, and both Ministers agreed that Japan and the EU will also cooperate in order to support Africa.

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